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Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News, issue number 56, February 4 2015

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Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts is held regularly at 1700Z on Tuesdays and Fridays. You
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Friday, 01/29/16

Attendees: Brian Warner, David Stainton, Leif Ryge, meejah, Patrick R McDonald,
Zooko Wilcox

There was a large amount of discussion centered tradeoffs between
reliability/availability vs the ability to revoke or unshare something. Leif and
David brought up the excellent point that once you provide another person which
a cap, you currently do not have a reliable method to revoke access to the data
associated with that cap. This may be one of the reasons for the slowness in
Tahoe-LAFS' adoption. Users have trouble understanding that access controls in
Tahoe-LAFS are not handled by a third party to allow for easy revocation.

Tuesday, 02/02/16

Attendees: Brian Warner, Chris Wood, Daira Hopwood, David Stainton, Leif Ryge,
meejah, Patrick R McDonald, Zooko Wilcox

Account creation on Tahoe Trac is resolved thanks to Brian. Hopefully it will
remain resistant to spammers for awhile.

Zooko will merge  master and master and version and tag it as 0.7.1

A large amount of time was spent on ticket triage. Below are the results of the

* `#2534`_ - The problem will be resolved by either an upgrade of Foolscap or an
  upgrade to Tahoe-LAFS 1.10.3. Brian will the latest Foolscap a dependency
  (`#2722`_) of Tahoe-LAFS.
* `#1949`_ and `#2137`_ appear to have the same underlying cause
* `#2543`_ -  To be resolved for 1.10.3
* `#2709`_ - Moved out of the release
* `#517`_, `#1007`_ and `#1010`_ - Are moved to the 1.11.0
* `#1349`_ - Brian and Leif will work to resolve this
* `#2045`_ - Adding 1.11

After the meeting, Daira fixed `#2724`_, `#1949`_, `#2137`_, and `#2543`_.

The buildbot is mostly red right now. The failures (and steps-to-resolve) are:

* "Daira Win7-64": failing tests because of windows lacking time.tzset, Daira is
* "FreeStorm CentOS6": using py2.6 (no longer supported), Brian will remove
* "MM netbsd5": using py2.6, Brian will remove
* "Marcus Cygwin WinXP": using py2.6, Brian will remove
* "Ubuntu trusty 14.04": cffi version mismatch, Daira might spin up VM to
* "clean", "memcheck-32": same (runs on same vm)
* "Warner OS-X 10.11": current pycryptopp won't compile, Zooko will make new
  release of pycryptopp to fix
* "memcheck-64": build fails, looking for obsolete distribution "twisted-web",
  Brian will investigate
  * known bug in recent Debian packaging:

After the meeting, the following updates were made:

* py2.6 builders removed
* cffi mismatch resolved (added a virtualenv to isolate tahoe tests from host
* memcheck-64 Debian bug fixed, waiting for new package to appear on mirrors,
  should be installed on 02/04/2016

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.. _`#2543`:
.. _`#2709`:
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.. _`#1007`:
.. _`#1010`:
.. _`#1349`:
.. _`#2045`:
.. _`#2724`:

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