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Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News, issue number 57, February 12 2015

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Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts is held regularly at 1700Z on Tuesdays and Fridays. You
can attend the Hangout at the `following Hangout URL`_.

Friday, 02/05/16

Attendees: Brian Warner, Daira Hopwood, Patrick R McDonald

Disclaimer: Lost my notes, so this is from memory

Brian and Daira worked on closing tickets for 1.10.3 and resolving the last of
the buildbot errors.

Tuesday, 02/09/16

Attendees: Brian Warner, Daira Hopwood, Chris Wood, meejah, Patrick R McDonald,
Zooko Wilcox

Currently Google Hangouts is not providing the optimal functionality we need
across various operating systems for Nuts and Bolts.  We hope our readers can
provide us with some solid alternatives. If you know some, please reply on the
mailing list.

The Current tahoe trunk doesn't always build on OS-X or Linux (`#2728`_). The
workaround is to build in a virtualenv, pre-install some packages, but then
zetuptoolz conflicts with other requirements.  We're considering performing the
zetuptoolz-ectomy (`#1582`_) *before* the 1.10.3 release, rather than immediately after
that would make "pip install ." (well, with --editable) be the recommended way
to hack on tahoe from source.  This will need some docs changes, probably some
new CI tests.  It might be a big enough change to justify calling it 1.11
instead of 1.10.3. In addition, using 'pip install' and virtualenvs would
probably close a lot of our packaging tickets.

Zooko and Warner are figuring out how to get a windows buildslave running on

.. _`following Hangout URL`:

.. _`#2728`:
.. _`#1582`:

Mailing List

Brian `upgraded to the latest Ubuntu LTS`_.

Based on a previous Nuts and Bolts discussion, Stuart Card introduced
`membranes`_. Membranes attempts to resolve the issue of cap revocation and
controlling further delegation of a capability.

.. _`upgraded to the latest Ubuntu LTS`:
.. _`membranes`:

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