renaming milestones, planning 1.12 with magic-folders

Brian Warner warner at
Tue Jun 28 18:29:38 UTC 2016

After the discussion at today's devchat, I've changed the next milestone
(1.12) to focus on Magic-Folders. This branch is ready to land, and
after some time baking on trunk, I think we should get it into a
release. So I've moved most of the other 1.12 tickets up into 1.13 (and
moved everything that was in 1.13 into a new 1.14). If there are
specific items that look like they can make it, we can pull those back
into 1.12 (e.g. the Tor stuff, introducer-cache, non-automatic-IP
guessing, removing v1 introducer support).

It'd be great if #1382 (servers-of-happiness) could make it, but I don't
want to hold up magic-folders for that.

Incidentally, at some point we might want to stop making guesses/claims
about which tickets will make it into which future releases, and
collapse everything that's not a current development priority into a
generic "soon" bucket. We have one of those already (along with
"eventually" and "undecided", since we didn't start out making these
sorts of predictions), so maybe it's time to add "sooner" and "soonest"
buckets too :-).


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