Nuts+Bolts next tuesday, starting Gus+Cypher!

Gus Andrews gus at
Mon May 2 22:31:45 UTC 2016

Hey y'all! I'll definitely be there.

I'd like everyone to mull over and come up with their own answers to the
following questions. DO NOT REPLY back to the list with your responses!
We'll talk about them in the meeting.


Assumptions worksheet

I believe Tahoe-LAFS/GridSync users have a need to

These needs can be solved by_______________________________________________

The #1 benefit users will get out of Tahoe-LAFS/GridSync is

Additional benefits will

Tahoe-LAFS/GridSync’s initial users will be

We will reach them through

The people we expect will observe and follow our initial users in their
communities will be

Tahoe-LAFS/GridSync’s primary competition will be

We will ensure users use Tahoe-LAFS/GridSync instead by

Tahoe-LAFS/GridSync’s biggest risk of failure is

Tahoe-LAFS/GridSync can solve this through

What other things are we assuming that, if proved false, will cause this
project to fail? ________

We will know Tahoe-LAFS/GridSync has succeeded when we see

On 5/2/16 3:57 PM, cypher wrote:
> I've just confirmed with Gus that she's still available for tomorrow.
> See you all then!
> c
> On 04/29/2016 06:10 PM, Brian Warner wrote:
>> On 4/29/16 10:24 AM, cypher wrote:
>>> I just wanted to send out a quick follow-up: would this upcoming
>>> Tuesday's N&B slot (May 3) be suitable for us to discuss our recent IFF
>>> session? I will be available (and, as far I know, Gus will be too!). In
>>> any case, please let us know. :)
>> Yeah, Tuesday the 3rd sounds great. 9am PDT. We're using
>> these days, but it's been up and down each
>> week, so we might have to try something else again. Drop into IRC
>> beforehand, we'll announce any changes there.
>> see you on tuesday,
>>  -Brian

Gillian "Gus" Andrews
Senior Fellow, Secure Usability Fellowship Program
Simply Secure

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