SSL Issue over I2P.

Roland Häder roland at
Fri Nov 4 12:51:21 UTC 2016

Bruno Criado – Fri., 4. November 2016 13:37
> [node]
> nickname = introducer
> reveal-IP-address = false
> web.port = tcp:43021:interface=
> web.static = public_html
> tub.port = i2p:/root/introducer/private/i2p_dest.privkey:3457:api=SAM:apiEndpoint=tcp\:\:7656
> tub.location = i2p:w3l4ksfkcm73uvhr7tbm6tyvx6h2gqsz7ckna42z77ej7lm6jneq.b32.i2p:3457

A general and important thing:
- DO NOT run any programs/scripts as root because that is no user. Better is to create separate for each script (e.g. call the user "tahoe") as root has to much privilegs.
- I don't know why people are still keep thinking that they need to run it as root when it "doesn't work" as a regular user.

To your main issue, please wait for the answers from the developers (and please keep the CC header intanct).

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