Tahoe Summit 2016: November 8+9, San Francisco

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Tue Nov 8 01:32:40 UTC 2016

The summit starts tomorrow at 9am PST (1700 UTC). It happens in the
"Board Room" meeting space of the ​Mechanics Institute Library, at 57
Post St, San Francisco, CA (next to the Montgomery St BART station).
When you arrive (in the charmingly narrow and old-fashioned lobby),
follow the signs to the board room (which I think means take the
elevator to the 4th floor, or just tell the front-desk staff that you're
attending a meeting in the Board Room and they'll point you in the right

Full details are on the wiki page:


We've got me (Brian), Daira, meejah, Zooko, David (dawuud), and possibly
Liz and/or Peter Secor. I haven't heard from anyone else, but if anyone
else wants to attend, please just drop me an email.

I've put up a rough schedule on the wiki:

* Tuesday AM: applications, use-cases, productization, integration (with
  other apps)

* Tuesday PM: accounting, provisioning (including magic-wormhole,
  allow/deny storage servers), new GUI/WUI/CLI/API

* over beers in the evening: Sphinx/remailer crypto

* Wednesday AM: magic-folder -ish protocols, refresh our brains on #1382
  (peer-selection / servers-of-happiness)

* Wednesday PM: new caps / encoding formats (chacha20,
  rainhill/elk-point, etc), mutable 2-phase commit, storage protocols,

and we'll probably do a group dinner/drinks afterwards on one or both

I'll try to get a Google Hangouts or something running so folks on IRC
can join in. Watch that wiki page, or check with us on IRC once the
meeting has started.

see y'all tomorrow!

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