willing to contribute a buildbot

Lukas Pirl tahoe-dev at lukas-pirl.de
Sun Sep 18 15:41:54 UTC 2016

Hi folks,

I'd like to contribute one or two buildbots if you folks are
interested. Anything that can easily be installed using `lxc-create`¹
is fine with me.

I'd go for Debian Jessie or Wheezy (because I know my provisioning
works well on them).
If you think, things like CentOS or Fedora are of more interest for the
project, just tell me and I'll have a go on them.

Of course, I need credentials.



¹ this is the list of available distros:
    * alpine 3.1 amd64
    * alpine 3.2 amd64
    * alpine 3.3 amd64
    * alpine 3.4 amd64
    * alpine edge amd64
    * centos 6 amd64
    * centos 7 amd64
    debian jessie amd64
    debian sid amd64
    debian stretch amd64
    debian wheezy amd64
    fedora 22 amd64
    fedora 23 amd64
    fedora 24 amd64
    * opensuse 13.2 amd64
    ubuntu precise amd64
    ubuntu trusty amd64
    ubuntu wily amd64
    ubuntu xenial amd64
    ubuntu yakkety amd64
    (* under the condition those distros don't take too much effort to
       be integrated in my infrastructures)

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