Public I2P grid will be usable with Tahoe-LAFS 1.12.0

str4d str4d at
Mon Sep 19 11:18:16 UTC 2016

Hey all!

tl;dr: if you want to connect to the public I2P grid with 1.12.0 when it
is released (or trunk until then), ensure that this introducer is in
your list:



The next release of Tahoe-LAFS will at long last include native support
for Tor and I2P clients! Thanks so much to the Tahoe devs who has worked
to get this over the line :) I've been excited about this because it
means that the existing public grid on I2P can finally start to keep
pace with upstream releases.

The only compatibility issue between 1.12.0 and the existing grid was in
storage node addressing. The patch used by the I2P grid treated I2P
addresses as hostnames, so a FURL looked like this:


In the new architecture of 1.12.0, the FURLs instead look like this:


This meant that 1.12.0 FURLs announced to existing I2P storage nodes
would be considered invalid, and existing FURLs announced to 1.12.0
nodes would be interpreted as TCP addresses, and be unresolvable.

Fortunately, I've been running one of the grid's multiple introducers
for years, so nearly all existing grid nodes use it. I have created a
fork of 1.11.0 that rewrites old-style FURLs in announcements to
new-style, and vice versa:

I am running this build at my introducer FURL (listed above), and by
using it, your 1.12.0 client will be able to discover the 1.10.0 (and
1.9.2!) storage nodes that make up our public grid. So if you include my
introducer in your list (1.12.0 has multi-introducer support too! Yay!),
then you will be able to connect to the grid as long as my introducer is
up. And if you run one of the other I2P introducers, upgrade your
introducer to my custom build in order to support the newer clients!


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