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Hi All, 


I’m Olivier, CTO of a french startup. We first want to thank you for the
great job about tahoe-lafs. It’s the perfect product about our needs.


We built a B2B application to protect  business exchanges from indiscreet
listening (eg : GAFA).  You can open a free account in ordrer to understand
the Service functionnalities.


We use tahoe-lafs as storage for files and Lines (like lack channels). We
have now a good expertise about how to implement Tahoe-lafs in Production.
We have a 5 nodes Grid for the moment (for PROD and 5 nodes for TESTING). We
have a big issue about erasing files
 We had a bad trip with garbage
collector during beta tests and we disabled it. We Now are loocking for a
solution about LeaseDB. 


Our major problem is that we can’t manage differents lease for files in a
Grid. We saw in your rodmap that you plan to adpat this process (LeaseDB)
for Milestone 1.14.0, but the goal is very/too far for us. 


A year ago we spoke with Liz (least Authority) about Shadline and we told
her we want to participate to the project. Since we follow the exchanges on
list mailing. Our dev don’t have python competences for the moment and we
need to grow before taking an activ part in dev team.


Is it a possibility to adpat the priority of dev for this very big issue for
us ? Can an financial contribution accelerate or significantly reduce this


We stay open for all possibilities.


Thanks to you.


PS : Cedric is our Admin guy with the big expertise about tahoe-lafs but not
in this part. Pierre is our Product-owner and manage Shadline devs . They
are in CC.







Time For Trust




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