ANN: Tahoe-LAFS 1.12.1 released

Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan ram at
Thu Jan 19 18:37:14 UTC 2017

On Thu, Jan 19, 2017, at 06:55 AM, Brian Warner wrote:
> The 1.12.1 code is available from the usual places:
> * pip install tahoe-lafs
> *
>   * tag: "tahoe-lafs-1.12.1"
>   * commit SHA1: ce47f6aaee952bfc9872458355533af6afefa481
> * (and SHA256 hashes)
>   * tahoe-lafs-1.12.1.tar.gz
>     327b364a702df515fd329d49f052db0fcbf468e20c26d1f8df819f54786ca0ce
>   * tahoe_lafs-1.12.1-py2-none-any.whl
>     070d2a4c4ea220863ff078e8032c01746572e5513c4ac26dc3de4bd03f6d25c1
>   * detached GPG signatures (.asc) are present for each file
> All tarballs, and the Git release tag, are signed by the Tahoe-LAFS
> Release Signing Key (fingerprint E34E 62D0 6D0E 69CF CA41 79FF BDE0 D31D
> 6866 6A7A), available for download from

I uploaded the Debian package last night into 'unstable'. It will be
great if anyone can test them and report back any problems. The stretch
release is nearing and there is a 10 day delay for the transition from
'unstable' to 'testing'. A new 'foolscap' package was also uploaded by
the foolscap maintainer yesterday and we depend on that package.

The missing cffi and pycparser dependencies should also be fixed in this
upload of the package.


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