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Fri Nov 3 22:55:34 UTC 2017

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On 09/21/2017 09:18 AM, Brian Warner wrote as excerpted:
> But it'd be nice if the running node could modify that config, so you
> could do something like a web-based node configuration tool.

Well if that is the main use case, couldn't we assume that users do not
modify the configuration via a Web interface and via a text editor

> The arguable benefit of using a proper database for everything would be
> that changes would be atomic, and there'd be a schema enforced on
> everything.

True, I see the point here. Isn't moving a file "relatively atomic"
(copy file, modify, move/overwrite to original)?
I'd trust users to not mess up the schema or INI syntax. If they
understand the concept of capabilities and the semantics of the
encoding parameters, they probably also get the syntax behind INI files.

> Maybe we just need a lock
> around the file, and have a "tahoe edit-config" command that grabs the
> lock before spawning your favorite editor.

I like the idea. However, when using configuration management tools, it
is very comfortable to modify plain text files (e.g., Ansible). In
contrast, running commands and possibly parsing their output tends to
be tedious.



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