zfec-1.5.2 released, fixing windows+tahoe

jg71 jg71 at p8d.org
Sat Feb 17 16:49:56 UTC 2018

* Brian Warner <warner at lothar.com> wrote:

> zfec-1.5.2 is now available. It turns out that Appveyor (our Windows CI
> tool) is using a pretty old C compiler, or at least we're telling it to
> do something that uses one without C99 syntax. The recent improvements
> to zfec's C code were breaking under that compiler, causing Tahoe builds
> to fail.
> I've reverted the syntax changes, and turned on appveyor testing for
> zfec so we can spot this sort of thing in the future.

why oh why does the following with zfec-1.5.2 no longer work in a
sane fashion?

python setup.py install --root=$PATH

(python-2.7.14, python-setuptools-22.0.5, pyutil-3.1.0 installed,
this script used: https://pastebin.com/8D0YdBtj)

like it's done in all python buildscripts on SBo, gives with
zfec-1.5.2 this result (please note the UNKNOWN):


needless to say, this borks tahoe-lafs, complaining about no zfec
>=1.10 is present.

any ideas?

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