Proposing a new Tahoe-LAFS committer (and a process for adding committers)

Jean-Paul Calderone jean-paul+tahoe-dev at
Thu Jul 26 13:53:28 UTC 2018

Hello all,

I'm proposing to add Chris Wood <> as a new
committer to the Github Tahoe-LAFS repository (specifically, to the Tahoe
Committers team on the Github Tahoe-LAFS organization).

Chris is the author and maintainer of GridSync
<> and a contributor to Tahoe-LAFS
itself, as well as a co-worker of mine at Least Authority.

Chris would make an excellent addition to the Tahoe-LAFS committers for
many reasons.  These include his expertise with UX, UI, and GUI development
as well as his firm commitment to the Tahoe-LAFS vision.

I am not aware of an established process for inducting new committers to
the project.  In the absence of one, I propose that the process be for an
existing committer to send an email such as this one.  If there are no
objections within 72 hours then the committer should be added.

Thus, if there are objections to neither the process nor to Chris, I will
add him as a committer Monday morning (US/Eastern time).

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