IPv6-only Setup

Matthias Bauer tahoe at weggla.franken.de
Thu Mar 22 12:52:48 UTC 2018

originally intended as a bugreport on trac, but i never got the verification E-mails...

I tried to set up an ipv6-only storage network with tahoe. The documentation
is missing and/or confusing on this.

After some experimentation i found that the following works for me:

On the introducer's tahoe.cfg just the line
 tub.port = tcp6:10197
no tub.location.

On the storage nodes' tahoe.cfg:
 introducer.furl = pb://$magicstuff@$introducer:10197/introducer
 tub.port = tcp6:10198
 tub.location = tcp:$node:10198

where $node and $introducer are the FQDNs of the respective hosts and only AAAA addresses
for those exist in DNS. I had to change furls in files in the private/ subdirs probably because 
 tahoe create-node
wrote those when i first set up the nodes on ipv4.

Hope that helps,


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