devchat notes 28-Mar-2018

Brian Warner warner at
Tue Mar 27 21:48:33 UTC 2018

attendees: flupke, warner, exarkun, meejah

* release before cleanups?

* setuptools problem affecting buildbot
*  if tox starts with old setuptools, runs " dist", and
   uses setup_requires=(newer setuptools), boom
*  warner will add exarkun to the ~buildbot ssh key list

* buildbot config: status posted back to github

* buildbot: get PRs built on buildbot

* LGTM status

* meejah: land 467? maybe after release

* pr 475 (fix magic-folder .backup files): would be nice to land, but PR
  isn't ready yet. meejah will work on it, warner will try to land by
  end of week
*  also needs some love
*  wanted for release

* pr 459 (fix a magic-folder thing): want this, looks ready to go,
  warner will land
*  not ready to land for release

* pr 468 after release

* Jean-Paul is going to look at buildbot improvements (Brian will supply account)
*  Change index page to link to master-only view of waterfall
*  Change config to build PRs (whitelists)
*  GitHub hook is only configured to send pushes, Brian will reconfigure
   when Jean-Paul is ready

* grid-manager (meejah): store certs in the grid itself??
*  chicken-and-egg problem
*  define grid-manager by a writecap
*  initial download of config data is unconstrained by certification
   (downloads are/could-be always unconstrained by grid-manager)

* "mailbox pattern" aka Git pattern or version-control pattern
*  everybody has their own writecap
*  reads from everyone else's "mailbox", merges
*  replaces uncoordinated writes with independent (hopefully convergent)

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