devchat notes 1-May-2018

Jean-Paul Calderone jean-paul+tahoe-dev at
Tue May 1 18:36:48 UTC 2018

attendees: exarkun, meejah

We looked at two basic maintenance PRs - Avoid pending Twisted deprecations
<> and Add recommended
lgtm configuration <>.
These PRs both improve the state of CI but otherwise don't do much that's
interesting (though the latter does clean up some random cruft pointed out
by lgtm reports).

Then we looked at 2909.backup behavior.0
<> which aims at removing
spurious *.backup* and *.conflict* files created by magic-folder.  We spent
most of our time trying to understand the conflict detection logic for
magic-folders.  We decided that having state history diagrams helps in
thinking about magic-folder behavior.  We also agreed to work on some
Hypothesis-based tests together to improve test coverage without requiring
the development and maintenance of lots of new tests.

We also decided the PR improves the current situation, though it doesn't
fix all issues.  The current PR will be merged largely as-is with remaining
issues addressed in follow-up PRs.

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