devchat notes 15-May-2018

Jean-Paul Calderone jean-paul+tahoe-dev at
Wed May 16 12:25:41 UTC 2018

meejah and I devchatted:

* Talked about Tahoe-LAFS release process.  How can we make more progress
on it?  Jean-Paul has PyPI access now.  How are releases signed?

   - * With "Tahoe-LAFS Release-Signing Key ("
   apparently (BDE0D31D68666A7A)

   - * How does Brian feel about someone else doing a release and signing

   - * Does it make sense for Brian to share this key with someone else so
   they can sign a release?


* Talked about new HTTP protocol (spec under development

   - * What do we do with storage fURLs?

   - * Perhaps keep them as-is but apply a different interpretation to them
   in the client.

   - * Keep security properties the same as Foolscap by keeping the
   implementation as close as possible

   - * Parse location hints and tubID from the fURL, connect to location,
   check public key, if it matches tubID, connection is okay


   - * How does new system get exposed?

   - * Add a new key to storage server announcements.

   - * Old clients will ignore it

   - * New clients will notice it and use new protocol

   - * New announcement information will include storage server public key.

   - * New clients will check public key of server they reach and verify it
   is the expected value (like the tubID check in foolscap)


   - * Do we need to handle mutable and immutable differently at the level
   of buckets?

* Don't bother with subjectAltName etc
* Non-goal: Making clients easier to implement by removing the need to
check certificate fingerprint
* Goal: Making servers easier to implement by removing the need to
implement Foolscap

* Talked about the future of introducers

   - * There isn't necessarily much of one

   - * See the grid manager proposal

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