tahoe-lafs 1.16.0 rc1

meejah meejah at meejah.ca
Thu Oct 21 17:32:39 UTC 2021

Sorry for the late reply, just saw these.

The size difference is due to "setup.py dist" including documentation build artifacts in the source-tarball.  So I believe rc1 is so much smaller because the "make sure docs build" part of the release checklist wasn't followed (or was followed in a different clone) and so those build-artifacts aren't in it. The procedure going forward will produce the source tarballs from a clean clone. This procedure was followed for the actual 1.16.0 release.

Going forward, only a single source archive will be produced, in .tar.gz format as well as the wheel.
(I figure .gz is better as I believe it has wider support than .bz2 even if the compression isn't quite as good).

We are hoping to automate more of the release process, so ideally this becomes even more consistent in the future.

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