1.16.0 release-candidate in a plain py3 environment with system-wide installs

Jean-Paul Calderone jean-paul+tahoe-dev at leastauthority.com
Fri Sep 3 14:23:10 UTC 2021

On Fri, Sep 3, 2021 at 10:17 AM jg71 <jg71 at p8d.org> wrote:

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> lest we forget: anyone out there still on that py2-only island?
I have some Tahoe-LAFS deployments which are, of course, on Python 2.  My
plan right now is to try out the 1.16 rc *on Python 2* before I try to move
to Python 3.  I don't necessarily need to ever operate 1.16 on Python 2 *in
production* but I'd rather change one thing at a time and address issues as
they come up.

I had hoped to do this this week but that seems unlikely at this point.  I
might manage it sometime late next week.  If that's too late to provide
feedback on 1.16.0 then I guess it will be feedback for 1.16.1. :)


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